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Bitcoin finally reclaims 44k but stalls ahead of the next technical level

The push higher in US stocks and failure of the dollar to make further progress yesterday helped Bitcoin to advance and this time the lead coin managed to finally vault the 44k level. It has repeatedly stalled ahead of that several times over the past 10 trading days. Well, not any more and the breakout seemed to unfold once the price pushed above 43,765 yesterday afternoon. This was a 50% correction level that had been providing resistance to further attempts on the topside.That breakout has delivered a rise to a high at 44,761 earlier this morning. However, despite being quite a dynamic rise, the move higher has so far stalled ahead of the next technical resistance level at 45,005. That price point represents a 61.8% correction of the 49,021 to 38,509 fall, in the same fashion as 43,765 had done beforehand. Bitcoin is currently trading at 44,440

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