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Bitcoin falls below 67k even as more and more pundits calling for 6 figures

Following on from an earlier update, the price of Bitcoin has now dropped back to below 67k once more. Earlier this afternoon it was trading above 68,500 and right now that longer-term loose coral tin between BTC and the Nasdaq 100 is not playing out, because the Nasdaq 100 is still close to session highs. However, I did note in that update; that this is not an immediate relationship in terms of intraday swings, not by any means. So, as I note BTC falling, yet another leading Bank analyst has come out shouting for BTC to reach 150k this year and perhaps rise to 250k in 2025. Look, this is a classic cornered market folks and as supply diminishes, then it is logical to call it higher, but only if demand for it remains in place. As far as I am concerned, the powers that be have perpetuated the demand by allowing ETFs to be licensed. That has increased the notion of deeper legitimacy, but at the end of the day folks this is just 2 numbers dancing on a screen and right now it counts for nothing more than that. Bitcoin is currently trading at 66,685

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