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Bitcoin extends downside to below 67k today

As the US equity futures continue to push lower, the Nasdaq 100 is facing a lower opening this afternoon and if we look at the premarket price of NVDA we can see it is priced to open slightly lower, after closing last night at $121.79. That might have weighed on Bitcoin too, but that is not exactly certain. Even if it has not and BTC is falling for entirely different reasons, the lead coin has dropped below 67k now today. The low seen not that long ago was set at 66,733. It is off that low now. There are a couple of technical support levels to note too. The first is the 100 day moving average, at 66,606, so as you can see that is still intact for the time being. The second is the 50 day moving average, in place below that, at 65,820. Bitcoin is currently trading at 67,005

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