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Bitcoin edges back from a new 2024 high at 52,524

Yesterday afternoon, Bitcoin extended its sharp rebound gains, that had seen the lead coin spike back above 50k and jump to new 2024 highs above 51k. The later push higher saw it just lift above 52k. Earlier today that move extended to a new 2024 high at 52,524. Since peaking up there at the start of the Asian session, it has dropped back to a session low so far at 51,653. It is pressing a little higher now and overall there can be no denying its still intact upward trend. I said here yesterday ahead of these new highs; that it would then be a good time for BTC to prove its worth as a truly unconnected new financial medium. Well, it sure did that and now we see if there if more upside to come as the day unfolds. Bitcoin is currently trading at 51,770

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