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The big one they are all waiting for this evening- S+P 500 futures in view

Yesterday evening after the close there was a Q1 earnings report from Qualcomm helped to lift the Nasdaq 100 futures after what was a significant negative reversal into the close. That shunt lower also forced the S+P 500 back into the red by the close of business. Beyond whatever transpires today, the most eagerly awaited release of any kind today surely comes after the US markets close this evening. That is the Q1 earnings report from Apple. Apple is ranked no.2 in the S+P 500 and the Nasdaq 100 by market weight. Only Microsoft stands in front of it. Apple has a market cap something over $2.6 trillion, although that is well below what it was at the start of the year, owing the falls in the share price recently. The markets are expecting Q1 earnings of $90 billion and an EPS of $1.50. The results are due to be released at 8.30pm GMT. Beyond the bare results themselves, the markets will be looking to whatever guidance Apple sets out in that Q1 report and how that might impact the S+P 500 after the close. Yesterday, the index rose from a low at 5,013.45 to a high at 5,096.12, before it sank in the final hour of trade. The index closed 17.30 points lower, at 5,018.39. The futures are higher this morning though, but no matter where the index trades today, the evening price action is very much on the radar across the futures after the close tonight

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