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The big one the Nasdaq 100 might be waiting for this week

The Nasdaq 100 index was not open yesterday, but the futures have been trading since the close on Friday evening, where the index ended last week at 17,685, with a loss of 159 points on the day. This morning the Nasdaq 100 futures are pricing a lower opening for later today, currently at around 17,650. The index future is replicating losses in the Dow Jones and S+P 500 this morning too. Now tomorrow evening, after the closing bell comes the final big tech Q4 2023 earnings report that could impact the index. That comes from a company that has been the darling of the tech sector and the Nasdaq 100 most recently- NVIDIA. It has gained by almost 50% over the past few weeks, after rising more than 230% last year. Many analysts are expecting another blow out quarter for this stock. NVIDIA is the third largest component in the Nasdaq 100 (Market cap $1.79 trillion), behind Microsoft and Apple, so it sure can have an impact on the index as whole. There will be more to add on this one tomorrow and what is expected after the closing bell. Meantime the Nasdaq futures are a little lower this morning 

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