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Barring a really sizeable rebound the DAX will close below a key support level today

The US stock markets did as was expected and did open lower. The only difference now being from what was noted here earlier, being that the S+P 500 has reversed its lead lower and is now the best performing major US stock market index in relative terms. The Dow Jones is now the worst as it drops below 33,850. The move lower in the US markets comes alongside further losses here in Europe as the DAX falls further below 15,400. The index has now dropped to as low as 15,333, but it is above that low just now. The 200 day moving average is in place at 15,553 and so as you can see, the prevailing price is someway below that level now. It might recover to later close above that, but that does look like a remote possibility. The DAX is just now trading at 15,350

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