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AUD/USD still holding rebound gains

Since my last update on the AUD/USD, the price has been holding well above 0.6400 and its break above the 50 day moving average (now at 0.6392). The AUD/USD rose to as high as 0.6456 yesterday and closed last night at 0.6434, from a post 4pm London fix low at 0.6413. It has backed off a bit earlier today, to a session low at 0.6420. The high since then has been set at 0.6448. So, the rebound from the 2023 low at 0.6270 remains intact still. The US jobs report later on could have a bearing on that though. So, in essence not much has changed for the AUD/USD since this time yesterday morning. The current and immediate lines of demarcation look to be 0.6392 and 0.6456. The AUD/USD is just now trading at 0.6438

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