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Asia mostly in the red today but Nasdaq 100 is set to open higher later

Well, it was another record close for the Dow Jones on Friday evening (37,305). This time though the Dow was not the best performer. That was assigned to the Nasdaq 100 index, which closed 0.52% higher, at 16,623. The rise of 85 points on the session took the index one step closer to its all time high. As previously mentioned, that was set November 22, 2021, at 16,764. However, it was a new record daily and weekly close for the Nasdaq 100 on Friday. Overnight and so far this morning the Nasdaq future is higher, despite the losses across the Asian markets today. The Nasdaq 100 is priced to reopen above 16,640 later and so the theme of US market outperformance is still in place again this morning, as also demonstrated by modest losses in the DAX future right now. 

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