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Another record for the DAX sets up a new all time opening high this morning

The DAX defied all the most recent negative news that surrounds it and as reported yesterday, it sure ignored the latest, dismal PMI data. Of course the DAX was led higher by the surge across the Pound in the US markets and that led the index to a new all time high, at 17,429. That was all covered in an update here at the time. However, the DAX could not hold all that gain into the close, when ending the season at 17,370, with a rise of 252 points on the day. Nevertheless, that was a new record close for the index and it is set to open this morning with a new record opening level too. Just like all the other indexes that are making history right now, the DAX is into uncharted territory, so finding technical levels where it might meet resistance is flimsy at best. The index is currently priced to reopen at around 17,400 this morning 

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