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Another record and another record close for the Nasdaq 100

Yesterday the Nasdaq 100 continued to forge higher and set fresh records, as indeed did the Dow Jones and the S+P 500. I noted here yesterday afternoon; that the US stock markets were still going gangbusters and as you can see they did not let up into the close last night, with fresh records being set all around. So, the Nasdaq 100 pushed further into uncharted territory yesterday, when it rose to 17,784. The later close was not much short of that new record high either. The index ended the day at 17,755, which was of course yet another closing record. I also stated; that at some point the party would come to an abrupt end, but not yet it seems. Indeed, the Nasdaq 100 futures are not backing off at all this morning, buoyed by gains in Japan, to fresh 34 year highs. The Nasdaq 100 is currently priced to reopen above 17,770 

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