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Another new 2023 high for the Dow Jones yesterday as futures rise today

As covered here earlier today, it was the tech sector and the Nasdaq 100 that led the closing gains in the US last night. The Dow Jones enjoyed a red letter day too, because the index continued to push past the double top break out and extend the move towards 36,600. The Dow set another 2023 high at 36,596. That means it has taken another step closer to its all time record high, at 36,952, set in 2022. The index later closed at 36,577, with a gain of 172 points on the day. The was of course its highest daily close of the year to date. I noted here yesterday; that Santa was already loading his sleigh and nothing seen in the price action detracted from that thought. Of course the Fed can get in the way of that this evening and there have been some headlines suggesting a more hawkish tone from the Fed boss, Jerome Powell this evening. If that comes, then it will most likely be in the 7.30pm GMT press debrief that follows the decision itself. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones futures are currently pricing the reopening for later today at around 36,605 

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