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Another mixed start for US stocks today- check out the lower opening on the Dow Jones

The US stock markets have just reopened for live trade and as priced into the futures beforehand, it has been a mixed start to the session. The Nasdaq 100 has opened higher and the Dow Jones has opened lower. There will be a good deal of jostling and uncertain price action in the first 15 minutes after the opening whilst all components work out where they want to go, before a more lasting and perhaps discernible direction might be forged out. Of course nothing may count for much ahead of the Fed decision this evening and so grabbing small gains might be the way forward from now on until that Fed decision, at 6pm this evening. Quick news will be on hand to cover that and the 6.30pm Press conference too. The Dow Jones closed last night at 39,110. It has just reopened at 39,072 and the initial moves have been to the downside. The index is currently trading at 38,990

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