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Another day and another record for the Dow Jones

At the start of this week, I discussed the prospects of the Dow Jones rising to 40k. Well, since then the index has continued to forge higher with a new record on Monday and again yesterday. The index defied some downside in the tech sector and the Nasdaq 100 and rose to set yet another all time high, at 38,497. The Dow later closed at 38,467, with a rise of 133 points on the day. Of course given the price of the index in numerical terms, that rise only constituted a 0.35% gain on the session, but all the same, it was yet another new record daily close for the Dow Jones last night. Now of course the Fed might get in the way of this record run later this evening, as might the potential for profit-taking on the final session of the month. Leaving that aside and the Nasdaq 100 futures being in the red this morning, the Dow Jones futures are pricing a pretty much unchanged opening for later today, currently at around 38,475

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