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Another day and another record close for the S+P 500

All the major US stock markets set new all time highs yesterday and later set new record daily closes. However, despite being an undeniably positive close they all gave back some of those record gains at the end of the day. The broadest measure of the US stock markets, the S+P 500 rose to a new all time high at 5,261. It later closed 16 points higher at 5,241. The falls in the Chinese markets today (led by a more than 2% fall in Hong Kong) have helped to keep the US futures in check overnight. Those losses in China also helped to push the Nikkei back from a new record above 41k. There are no US data releases due out later on and that might give the US sock markets little to feed off into the weekly close, but right now there is nothing to suggest we are set for any kind of major sell-off ahead of the weekend. If that does happen, then it will probably be news based and right now the flow in that regard is light. However, at these record levels, it is always wise to stay vigilant. 

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