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5000 holds for the S+P 500 on the first attempt- will there be a second ?

Yesterday the S+P 500 came pretty close to trading at, or even below the 5,000 mark. The low seen was set at 5,007.25. The rebound that followed saw the index rise back to just above 5,050. It later closed at 5,022.21, with a loss of 29.20 points on the day. Earlier the index had reopened at 5,068.97 and reached a high at 5,077.96. The S+P was clearly sent dollar by the Nasdaq 100 and the crossover of tech components between the two indexes. The recent shift across both indexes has also seen a clear preference to sell the rally, where before it was almost entirely skewed towards buying the dip. So, it remains to be seen if that will be the case later today and whether or not that 5k level will be put to the test once again. Right now that is not exactly on the radar, with the S+P futures pricing a higher opening, currently at around 5,042. However, given the shift in that trading dynamic it would seem that another test of 5k should not be ruled out 

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