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148 proving too much for the USD/JPY again today?

Earlier today the USD/JPY did briefly top the 148 handle once more. The dollar had stalled up there, at 148.12 yesterday afternoon and it topped out earlier today at 148.05. The price action since then has seen it repeatedly try to rise above 148 during the late European morning, but it seems that sellers are in place ahead of that 148 level today and that probably makes sense given the latest news concerning the outlook for the BOJ monetary policy meeting next week. A shift in policy from the BOJ is entirely possible, but at the same time it is clearly in the balance. If that were not the case, then the dollar would surely be sub 146.50 right now and not flirting with 148. That all said, the dollar does seem to have thrown in the towel in respect of getting above 148 this afternoon, but perhaps we see if there is any further price action coming into the 4pm London Fix. The USD/JPY is currently trading at 147.80 

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