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Commission for opening a trade in Libertex terminal

According to the current trading conditions specified in the Instrument Specification, the commission for opening a transaction on Libertex accounts is floating, and may vary depending on the current spread level in the market.

In the case of trading at times when market volatility is increased (for example, when important economic news is released) or when liquidity is reduced (for example, when opening / closing a trading session or switching to the next trading day), the commission may be charged in an increased amount. This is due to the fact that in such periods of time spread on the market can significantly expand.

In addition, we draw your attention that the commission for opening a trade in Libertex terminal is charged on the trade amount, taking into account the multiplier. For example, a $ 10 deal with multiplier x10 is a trade with a total of $ 100 ($ 10 * 10). Accordingly, it is from this value ($ 100) that commission calculation will take place. Suppose that in this case, you paid a commission of $ 3. It is necessary to understand that $ 3 is a commission calculated from the total amount of the transaction $ 100 (the amount taking into account the multiplier). As you can see, in this example, the commission is 3% of the trade amount.

Therefore, in order to avoid charging higher commissions, we recommend that you pay special attention to trading during periods of unusual volatility / liquidity in the market, and carefully use the high multiplier values.